Thursday, June 21, 2018

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A Lasting Impression – Instructions

Follow the steps below, or download an illustrated PDF

  1. Inside the pack is a tray filled with impression material with a clear, protective cover. Below the tray is a bezel (step 5)
  2. Remove the cover from the tray and discard. Be careful not to mark the surface before use.
  3. Clean the paw you will be imprinting and trim any long hair. Place the paw centrally on the tray and apply pressure evenly.
  4. Remove the insert from the display box. Place the tray beneath the insert, lining it up with the oval cutout.
  5. Click the bezel firmly onto the clips on the tray through the cutout, fixing the three pieces together.
  6. On the inside base of the display box is an adhesive tab. Remove the peel-off tab and place the insert into the box.
  7. Apply pressure on the bezel and the back of the display box being careful not to mark the surface. If you prefer you can let the impression dry beforehand – use the clear cover to protect it whilst drying.

For best results:

  • Keep the tray in a cool place out of sunlight until ready to use
  • Hold the paw onto the tray for 10 seconds
  • Let the impression set naturally over 24-48 hours

Download instructions
Download a pdf with illustrated instructions in English
Télécharger un pdf avec des instructions illustrées en français
Descargue un pdf con instrucciones ilustradas en español
Laden Sie ein PDF mit bebilderten Anweisungen in Deutsch herunter
Download een pdf met geïllustreerde instructies in het Nederlands

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