Tuesday, December 12, 2017

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NEW Pug Urn

Petributes Pug Urn

The adorable expression of this wonderful pug urn will be sure to appeal to families who have had to say goodbye to a dearly loved pug

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NEW Greyhound Urn

Petributes Greyhound Urn

This graceful and appealing ashes casket will be an attractive and appropriate resting place and memorial for a much loved and missed greyhound companion. With its gentle expression and characteristic pose we are sure this lovely urn will delight greyhound lovers everywhere.

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NEW Border Collie Urn

Border Collie Memorial Ashes Urn

Our Border Collie Urn beautifully reflects the agility, alertness and playfulness of this joyful breed and is a perfect resting place and memorial for a much loved pet. Now in a full-size model in addition to the compact casket and keepsake.

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NEW Resting Cat Urn

Petributes Resting Cat Urn

This lovely figurine ashes urn features a sweet little cat, asleep in a restful pose.

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Sleeping Cat Keepsake Urn


Introducing a petite keepsake size Sleeping Cat urn – one of our most popular styles

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