Thursday, June 21, 2018

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Serenity Tribute Urns

Petributes - Serenity Tribute Urns

Petributes Serenity Tribute Urns are a stylish and contemporary range of glazed porcelain pet ashes urns

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Meadow Tributes™

Petributes Meadow Tributes - Forget-Me-Not Range

Meadow Tributes™ – a beautiful range of memorial and ashes scattering products designed to create a lasting, and growing, tribute to a much missed companion.

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Scatter Pouches

Petributes - Scatter Pouches pet ashes scattering container with flower decoration

Scatter Pouches are hand woven in natural bamboo; an eco-friendly, biodegradable container for pet ashes scattering or burial

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Tribute Boxes™

Petributes - Tribute Boxes pet ashes caskets or memory boxes

The Petributes Tribute Box™ is an attractive and discreet pet ashes container with a photo frame lid & also makes a perfect pet “memory box”

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Eden Caskets

Petributes - Eden Pet Ashes Casket or Memento Box

Suitable for pet ashes burial the Eden Casket is also perfect as a keepsake or memory box to store mementos of your beloved pet

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